When you are down, we cheer you up.
When you are confined and alone, Rent-a-cat delivers a happy kitty cat of your choice right to your doorstep.
How it works
Rent-a-cat is pet-friendly and good for humans. 
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We take the safety of our cats very seriously and screen their potential hosts. Our cats looove to play with nice people. 
Fill out the form and browse our cat-alog, meow meow.
We will ask you a few questions to make sure our cats enter a nice home and you will be able to select a cat based on your preferences.
Select a subscription and get your kitty, delivered right to your doorstep.
Rent-a-cat will deliver your selected cat to your doorstep and provide all the instructions, accessories, food and toys you need for the entire duration of your subscription.
Take good care of your new best friend and be happy.
It has been scientifically proven that cats have a positive effect on our emotional well-being. Look after them and they will look after you.
What's in the box?
We make it our first priority to look ensure our cats are safe and remain healthy. That is why your subscription includes everything you need, so that you and your cat can enjoy being together.
A super happy and healthy cat
All our cats are chipped and checked before every delivery.
A self-cleaning litter box
We provide all the cleaning essentials, so that you can focus on maximizing your cat-time.
Premium organic cat food
We also include premium organic cat food for the entire duration of your subscription.
Toys, looots of toys
And finally, all the toys your need to spend quality time with your cat.
Choose a plan from Meow to ROAAR
Basic Package
One super cute cat
Premium organic food
Basic cat-toys
Basic litter box
One super cute cat
Premium organic food
Premium cat-toys
Self-cleaning litter box
Cat snacks & treats
24/7 support catline
Cute Cats
Chipped Cats
Litter Box
Our Top Cats
Here is a short selection of our clients favorite cats.
Actually smiles at you when you play with him.
Tina will cheer you up, 100% guaranteed.
This fluffy ball of a cat, is an absolute favorite.